17 Chic Oval Mirrors You'll Absolutely Love in 2023

17 Chic Oval Mirrors You'll Absolutely Love in 2023

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I, personally, am a big believer that every room needs a fine mirror. Not only do they open up your space to make your home appear larger, but they also give you a functional place to check your appearance to make sure you look your best at any hour.
But how do you decide what type of mirror is the best fit for your wall space? How do you know what mirror will fit the style of your room? Those are the two questions I’ve set out to answer with this list. I'm going to show you my 17 favorite oval mirrors for each of the most popular interior design trends right now, and how to style them!
Whether your personal style is boho or modern, minimalist or maximalist, this list has an oval mirror perfect for your space.

17 Chic Oval Mirrors That Are Already Popular

No.1: Black-Framed Floor Length Oval Mirror

oval mirror 2023
This sleek, full-length oval mirror is both modern and minimalist. The thin black trim makes it a very modest, almost industrial decor item, which means it can blend seamlessly into whatever style your room is already decorated in. It would be absolutely perfect for hanging in your bedroom or the corner of your bathroom to open up the space and brighten up the room. I love how the extra width makes this mirror perfect for checking out your full outfit!

No.2: Giltwood Double Oval Mirror

oval mirror 2023
This dual oval mirror is split in half, and lined with ornate, leafy gold trim, perfect for someone who enjoys the hot new trend of maximalism, or someone who is looking for a statement piece in an otherwise plain room. I think this dual mirror would look best in a foyer, or it would be perfect for a master bathroom vanity on top of some neutral green mural wallpaper for your wall. Either way, this gorgeous, intricate mirror is a work of art in and of itself.

No.3: Fairmount Leather Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This black framed western-inspired oval mirror is sleek while still being rustic, the black leather frame lends itself perfectly to the sleek gray and white modern farmhouses that are popping up everywhere. I think this mirror would do very well hung over a dresser or entryway table, to open up your space and give your guests an instant idea of what to expect from your home.

No.4: White-framed Oversized Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This tall oval mirror is extra wide and has a sleek, thin white trim, giving it a very modern and classy footprint. It isn’t quite tall enough to be full-length, but it would serve as a very spacious bathroom vanity mirror, and it would look particularly stunning against dark walls or tile, something like black or navy blue. The large size and thin trim will give any bathroom a modern, luxurious look!

No.5: Gold Shelved Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This very unique oval mirror has a thick gold trim and a small gold shelf attached to the bottom half, perfect for holding a houseplant or your favorite trinkets. This mirror would be ideal for a key/wallet holder right by the front door, or you can get two and hang them on one wall to act as chic, symmetrical plant displays! Not to mention when the holidays roll around, this mirror would be perfect for holding candles and hanging stockings.

No.6: Decorative Glass Mosaic Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This little oval mirror has a thick, intricate blue and yellow glass mosaic trim with a dark wooden frame. I think this mirror's ornate nature would lend itself perfectly to a gallery wall full of art, or it could be a great big pop of color to an otherwise neutral room if you want to hang it on its own. Either way, I would also consider adding yellow and blue in other places around the room to tie the whole look together.

No.7: Multi-colored Crackled Glass Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This gorgeous mirror is another thick-framed decorative one, though this one has a warmer footprint and is more randomly multi-colored. Its frame is decorated with gold trim and cracked glass, perfect for a gallery wall or a statement piece in your foyer. Personally I would hang it over dark walls, to let the glass design really shine on its own.

No.8: Frameless Floating Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This next oval mirror is completely frameless, and so very classy! Its minimalist nature would lend itself perfectly to a modern bathroom, and the floating mount would allow you to install led light behind it, for some beautiful recessed lighting. Alternatively you could place it in a more vintage inspired bathroom to bring the room into the new age. I also think it would look best against stark white walls, I for some beautiful contrast.

No.9: Gold Leaf Gilded Oval Mirror

2023 0val mirror
This oval statement mirror is not only huge, but also luxurious. It has been hand finished with gold leaf, and has stunning starburst and beaded detailing on the frame. I think this mirror would be perfect for brightening up a dark color-schemed guest bathroom, that will totally wow your house guests, or you can hang it over white walls for a more angelic, ethereal vibe.

No.10: Belgian Golden-framed Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This unassuming thick-framed gold oval mirror has rustic antique vibes that we absolutely love. The thick, layered frame would make this a perfect entryway or kitchen mirror, that doesn’t distract but is still beautiful and full of character. This is another piece that perfectly fits the maximalism aesthetic that everyone is going crazy over right now, due to its heirloom/antique look.

No.11: Spiral-framed Rattan Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This wicker oval mirror is made of rattan, and has been varnished to be a gorgeous golden-brown color. This piece would fit in to those neutral, warm-beige playrooms that are on the rise right now among millennial parents, or a beautiful and boho warm toned bathroom. I can totally picture this mirror hung in a bathroom, right next to a tall vase full of pampas grass. I love how wicker is coming back into style!

No.12: Turquoise Glass Mosaic Oval Mirror

oval mirror 2023
This medium oval mirror is similar to the previous mosaic mirror, but without the gold trim, less yellow, and a slightly more organized pattern in the glass. The yellow and turquoise glass pieces are seamlessly arranged to make this mirror a true piece of art. I would choose to style this mirror by hanging it on its own at the end of a hallway or a smaller wall to really let it shine. This piece is a great pop of color, and you can tie the blue into their places around the house with pillows or wall art.

No.13: Wide Black-trimmed Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This extra wide oval mirror was made to be a bathroom vanity mirror, and I think it suits that task perfectly. The thin black trim gives this mirror a sleek, modern look, perfect for a contemporary black and white bathroom. Alternatively, I think this mirror would also look beautiful hung over an entryway table for a wide, stylish addition to your foyer. I would add a black trinket tray to your entry table to pull in the black and make the little area more cohesive.

No.14: Gold Caskill Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror
This lovely and simple mirror has a thick round trim, in a subtle light gold color. It’s more of a squarish oval shape, that combined with the low-key coloring makes it a very boho piece, perfect for hanging in your room above your dresser. I also think this mirror would be beautiful hung in pairs, in your master bathroom as vanity mirrors.

No.15: Thick-Framed Pinewood Oval Mirror

2023 oval mirror

This oval mirror is thin and relatively skinny, with a thick pine wood frame that has been varnished into a nice aged cherry color. This mirror is rustic, and gives off vibes of a homey country cabin. I think it would be a perfect foyer mirror, or a bathroom vanity mirror. I can visualize this mirror in a wood paneled guest bathroom, with dark green farmhouse wallpaper behind it, for a beautiful and friendly space, or you could hang it landscape over a fireplace for a simple, classic mantle piece.

No.16: Vintage Warm Oak Oval Mirror

oval mirror 2023 popular
This simple, authentically vintage mirror reminds me of the 80’s, it feels like it was plucked straight out of my parents home. And the 80’s are back! I think this mirror would be perfect for a bedroom or children’s playroom. I tend to believe wood mirrors look beautiful when paired with house plants. A nice monstera nearby would greatly complement the oaky color, or you can pair it with a white wall and decor as a way of modernizing the design. Whatever floats your boat!

No.17: Orange Space Age Oval Mirror

orange oval mirror 2023
This is another more vintage mirror, it is in an iconic 60’s orange color, and has rounded squarish edges. This mirror would be a beautiful statement piece in a throwback mid century-modern living room. I would make sure to add other orange details to the room in the form of bookshelf decor or throw pillows, as well as some light neutral wood to complement the hard orange. If you wish to go full 60’s glam, you could also throw in some yellow and white to really seal the style deal!

Wrap Up

Well, did you happen to take a liking to any of these beautifully diverse oval mirrors? Or did my recommendations help give you ideas on how to try one you already have? I sure hope they did! Remember, any space can benefit from a nice upscale mirror, so I truly hope you fell in love with one of these. And if not, we have plenty more for you to see’