Looking to order mirrors in bulk? Neutypechic offers excellent quality items, convenient delivery and a professional service.Generally speaking, our bulk orders start at 10 items. If your order is below the 10 count, let us know and we can see if we can fulfill your order.If your order is 10+ count,please read the following details about bulk order.

If you're looking for the right mirror for your project but worry about quality. Don't worry, Neutypechic has mirror samples for you.

Please go through the following process to get a mirror sample.

Firstly, please find the mirrors you wanted buy and copy the name of the mirror(s);
Secondly, comfirm the quantities of mirrors you wanted ,then contact us with these information and make it clear that you need a mirror sample.

Once our customer service staff receives your request, they will reply to your quotation for each mirror and give you a discount coupon for sample by email. Then you can make a purchase. The purchase process please click here.