20 Must-Have Instagram Props

20 Must-Have Instagram Props

Do you believe that even if you may not have the proper training in capturing the best photos, you can still take the best one yet?
Well, the only answer to this is the use of props. Here are 20 must-have Instagram props and ideas that you’ll need to capture the best photos.

We all know how everyone wants to be in the limelight. 
So if you are ready to take your Instagram feed up a notch, we’re prepared to give you some helpful ideas on improving your photos and being the best among millions of Instagram users.
People with photography skills are all shining on Instagram, but if you’re someone with average to barely okay photography skills, then it’s your time to shine. But how can you do it? Read below.


20 Must-Have Instagram Props

Do you believe that even if you may not have the proper training in capturing the best photos, you can still take the best one yet?
Well, the only answer to this is the use of props. Here are 20 must-have Instagram props and ideas that you’ll need to capture the best photos.

1. The Aesthetic Mirror Selfie/Mirror Effect

If you want to flex your minimalist modern-style interiors, you’ll need a mirror that matches your room. A mirror such as a full-length gold mirror would be perfect for your minimalist room. The mirror can serve as a decor to brighten your simple space design.

2. Plants

Anyone who is a plant mom would know how plants complement almost everything. Whether you use it as a backdrop or the subject of a specific photo, it will fit in anywhere and blend in like a chameleon. Take a look at this fantastic mix of something modern and nature.

3. Vintage Cameras or Polaroids instantly printed photos.

As mentioned, it doesn’t matter whether you take great photos or not. As long as these props are around, you already have a great picture to add to your feed. Check out this polaroid printed photo. It’s just a simple photo of a flower and nature but adding that printed photo shows a great shot and makes up for a great story.


4. OOTD Full-Length Mirror Selfie

You can’t do an OOTD full-length mirror selfie without an actual full-length mirror. However, if you plan on taking this photo and letting people pay attention to your outfit, you’ll need a more straightforward, durable, and modern mirror. 


5. Fake Flowers just for backdrop purposes

You know what they say about nature being the best backdrop and subject for any photo. However, the problem with flowers is that it usually has a short lifespan unless they’re potted and adequately maintained. That’s why many people often choose fake flowers instead as their backdrop when taking photos.

6. Magazines and Books

Unexpectedly at the height of technology, people still turn to books. And it’s impressive how many find it aesthetically pleasing to have books as part of their photos. It’s a proud feat given how the type of this day and age is more onto digital copies of books than hardbound or paperback ones.

7. Marble or Wooden Wallpaper Sticker

If you have table surfaces that don’t look pleasant or lack shimmer, then get yourself some marble and wooden wallpaper sticker. In a photo, these wallpapers will seem like a natural marble or wooden table’s surface due to how realistic they look. So if you want to cover ugly and decaying surfaces to take photos of your food, item, or you, get yourself these marble/wooden wallpaper stickers. 

8. Candles for the Cozy/Romantic-Toned Photos

If you’re taking a photo with a context related to relationships and homey vibes, you can opt to use candles as the perfect props to complement the setting. Candles give you warm and relaxing tones, depending on your candle color.

9. Mirror Shot to Widen the Interiors

Mirrors often bring clarity to a home and give off the appearance of your interiors being more comprehensive than it seems. In other words, a full-length mirror can give off the illusion of having a more expansive space. That is why you’ll need a clear, sturdy, high-quality mirror to suit this type of shot.


10. Fairy Lights for that Magical Tone

Make your photos extra magical when you use fairy lights as a backdrop. When you have these lights, they give you that magical feel as if they’re fairy dust surrounding whatever your subject is. You can have to see what it looks like in the photo below.

11. Nail extensions with a unique nail polish

We all want that extra fab factor for our IG photos. That’s why a good nail polish would capture anyone's eyes if you’re featuring something handheld (e.g., your engagement ring, earrings, or a card).

12. Sunglasses and Slippers

For that beach vibe, regardless of where you are, you’ll need a slipper, sunglasses, and some optional sand. Many people use these as props when they want to show they are enjoying that vacation mode.

13. Confetti for celebratory photos

Be it a wedding, birthday, or gender reveal, these celebrations use confetti on their photos to capture that celebratory mode. They may come in pink, blue, or different colors. Confettis 

14. Technology

If you want to show everyone that your working, whether in an office or from home, the things you’ll be showing are primarily laptops, your phone, and a keyboard. Moreover, it may also indicate a modern look. So, if you want a more serious vibe on your post or suggest that you’re working on a vlog, then this would be great if you display some technology.

15. Coffee Mugs portray relaxation

Morning coffees or afternoon coffee breaks are best exhibited with a coffee mug. Whether you’re in the photo or not, as long as you’re holding up a coffee, this will indicate whether you’re in the mood to chill out or in the mode to start your day. That is why you can showcase a photo of your coffee when you want to show that you’re working, starting your day, or simply taking a quick break. 

16. Faux Sheepskin Rug

If you’re selling items online, such as jewelry, technology, etc., you can always use a faux sheepskin rug to highlight the item you’re selling. These rugs, especially when they are colored white, can easily attract the eyes of any viewer. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of selling your items, you can always use a faux sheepskin rug.

17. Chalkboard or Felt Letter Board

If you’re planning on making announcements, add up some style to it by writing your announcement on a chalkboard. However, if you’re not confident about your penmanship, you can always choose to use a felt letter board instead.

18. Vintage Bottles

If you want a more rustic feel or setting, you can always use vintage bottles as part of your props. When you want to add a more romantic feel to it, you can insert some fairy lights into them to make them more attractive. Moreover, vintage bottles may also look antique and fancy.

19. Cozy Knitted Socks or White Socks

To showcase a more homey setting, you can always show yourself or your calves to your feet wearing knitted socks while on the bed. It portrays a more relaxed mode and set for yourself.

20. Square, Circle, or Rectangular White Plates

You need to have this prop when you want to showcase your cooking skills on your Instagram feed. If you put your dish on this prop and prepare it in a way that looks attractive. It will be desirable for any food lover looking at food at the moment.