9 Entryway Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

9 Entryway Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

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The entryway speaks volumes about the rest of your home space. It is the first part that visitors see, so it should create a good impression that is appealing and inviting. Whether you choose to add greenery or incorporate seating, here are more entryway ideas that will enable you to transform the space to your liking.

9 Best Entryway Ideas

No.1: Add some greenery

Adding some greenery is an easy way to spruce up your entryway since it is less expensive. You can have potted plants or hanging planters to add a natural touch and make your space appealing. Hanging plants are good for a vertical garden on the wall while you can have small plants sit on the table.

Greenery will provide an aesthetic appeal to your entryway and also have other added benefits such as purifying the air, thereby creating a healthy environment for your family. Plants will give you a calming effect which is essential, especially in high-traffic areas. They also improve acoustics by reducing echoes and absorbing sound.

If you are wondering which types of plants you can keep, you can start with low-maintenance options which are perfect for the entryway. For instance, succulents will require small volumes of water and will survive in a variety of lighting conditions.

No.2: Create a storage area

I’m sure you’ve come across an entryway that is too congested with shoes and outdoor gear which makes the place look so disorganized. How can you solve this mess?

You can combat this by creating a storage area for shoes. Shoe benches and shoe racks are a great option for making the entryway look spacious. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles depending on the number of shoes that you want to store there.

Jackets, hats, and other outdoor gear can also be organized well in hooks or coat racks. You can mount hooks on the wall and let your visitors hang their coats there. A coat rack can also be customized according to your preferences to match your home design.

A storage area in your entryway will help clear clutter and keep your space organized. In a high-traffic area where things can quickly turn chaotic, it’s good to know where to easily find your shoes, jackets, and other outdoor items.

No.3: Hang some artwork


Adding some artwork will easily work wonders to keep this little space more attractive and inviting. You can use a collection of smaller pieces of art or a big artwork to make a statement. This will make this area a focal point for you and your guests. You can use various art styles such as prints or paintings. The most important element is to choose one that speaks about your personality.

When choosing artwork, consider the color scheme and style of your home. For instance, classic paintings will go well with a traditional style while a modern look will be complemented by abstract black or white artwork. You can use this opportunity also to have a display of your favorite artist.

No.4: Use mirrors


A collection of mirrors or a statement mirror such as Bethany-65''x24'' Lighted Irregular Full Length is one of the entryway ideas to add visual interest to your entryway. A large mirror will have the illusion of a larger space because it will reflect light while a collection of small mirrors arranged uniquely will create a gallery-like effect thus adding personality to your space.

While mirrors are functional in the entryway space, they can also be a decorative feature. You can use them to check yourself before leaving the house when heading to the office and you can also use them to light up the space.

There are many ways to incorporate mirrors into this space. An antique or vintage mirror will add charm and character while a minimalist modern mirror will create a sophisticated look.


You can also use Frances-43"x25" Frameless Irregular to add contrast to a space with straight angles. A mirror with a bold frame will create a focal point and visual interest. When deciding which type of mirror to put in the entryway, consider the overall design of your home and also something that complements the existing décor.

No.5: Add a pop of color


Another great way to add visual interest and some personality to your entryway is to paint it. You can ask a professional to do it for you or have a fun DIY project to add appeal to your home.

You can use bright colors like blue, red, or yellow to create an inviting feeling, or choose a color that will complement your interior.

You should choose your color well since different colors will evoke different emotions and psyche up your guests differently.

For instance, warm colors such as orange and yellow create excitement and energy while green and blue colors create a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Another thing you will also need to consider while choosing the color is the overall scheme of your home and personal preferences to create an appealing and functional space as well.

No.6: Install new lighting


Installing a new lighting system into your entryways such as a bulb or a lamp is a nice way to improve the overall design of your space. This is a good way to add style and personality which will provide aesthetic appeal and functional lighting. A pendant light or chandelier will add some drama to the overall design.

Good lighting in the entryway will set the tone of the rest of your home because it will make it more welcoming while also enhancing security and safety. You will also have an easy time finding your shoes, car keys, or coat while heading out of the door.

Poor lighting will make the space look gloomy and unwelcoming, and pose health hazards. When choosing the right type of lighting for this space consider using ambient lighting to provide overall illumination.

A table lamp will provide focused lighting for specific activities while accent lighting will be good for highlighting artwork or other architectural features in the space. Always consider the mood that you want to create and the function of the lighting type used.

No.7: Incorporate seating


If you want to make your entryway more functional, you can opt for a seating arrangement that will make it more welcoming. A small chair or a bench can provide a space where guests can sit while putting on or removing their shoes.

For families with children or elderly members, a seat can be functional especially if they cannot withstand standing for a long time. It is a convenient spot to wait for others when they are getting ready to leave the house, or before they open the house.

With a good design element, a seat can add color and texture to the space. You can also go for a seat with inbuilt storage that will offer a convenient space for keeping shoes or other small items. A seat with a comfortable pillow or cushion can also add more color and make the space more appealing.

No.8: Make it personal

You can also make the entry space more interesting by ensuring you add a personal touch that reflects your style and personality. For instance, a personalized décor or family photos can be a smart way to add some character to the space.

You can use unique frames to display family photos or create a gallery wall that brings a personal touch. You can also add items that reflect your interests and hobbies. For instance, sports memorabilia and travel souvenirs are great entryway ideas for this space.

No.9: Add a decorative rug


Adding a decorative rug is a good way to add warmth and texture to the space. You can pick a rug that complements the existing décor or one that matches the style and d color of the space.

To create a statement, use a rug with a bold pattern and a neutral one to blend with the surrounding area. Also, consider the ease of cleaning the rug and its durability especially if the area experiences high traffic.

Other than aesthetic appeal, a rug will protect your floors from scuffs and scratches as well as trap dirt. It can serve as a focal point especially if it has a unique color and pattern. A subtle pattern will add depth and dimension to the area while layering rugs will create a dynamic look.

Final thoughts

The entryway is an essential part of any home because it sets the tone of the space. Guests’ expectations are highly influenced by this space, therefore incorporating great ideas will create a functional and inviting space. With a little effort and creativity, you can transform your entryway into a more stylish and functional space that can elevate your home.