How to Install an LED Mirror

How to Install an LED Mirror

How to Install an LED Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are necessary home essentials for either men or women. If you are about to set up your new bathroom and are looking for the best bathroom mirror, installing an unique mirror with LED lights could be an option.

Neutypechic is number one in selling the best bathroom mirrors. Our bathroom mirrors come with LED lights to enhance your beauty and convenience. We have an innovative range of bathroom mirrors that will transform the look of your bathroom.

So if you're planning on a Bathroom remodel, an LED Lighted Vanity Mirror is exactly what you need.

First off, let's clarify what the product is all about.

What is an LED Mirror

An LED mirror is a mirror that contains Light-Emitting Diodes. These are incorporated into the mirror in several different ways. For example, designs incorporating side bulbs have lights placed along their edges, while back-lit designs have LED bulbs behind the glass surface of the mirror.

Neutypechic's mirror designs incorporate both the back-lit style and the side bulbs, and you are free to choose which one is your preference.


Why Do You Need A Mirror?

You may have doubts about purchasing a LED Mirror, but let’s first discuss why you need good mirrors.

Beautifying One’s Self

Whether it’s for putting on makeup or finding the right hairstyle that will match your look, you need an LED makeup mirror with lights to see it yourself. Although it is possible to tie your hair to a traditional ponytail without seeing yourself, you might not neatly tie it all up. Therefore, you’ll need a good mirror to check your reflection. 

If you need illuminated bathroom mirrors or a cosmetic mirror with lights, Neutypechic offers you an array of perfect designs to adorn your home.

Personal Hygiene

It’s impossible to apply your facial mask and brush your teeth without a mirror. You will need to see which parts of your teeth are unclean or whether there is still some scrub left off your face. Therefore, a mirror would be necessary to give you a clear reflection of your face.

To Brighten Up the Room

Whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, or living room, having a mirror brightens up the space of your room. Aside from brightening up the room, the mirror can also serve as a decoration for your living room, making it more vibrant, energetic, and spacious.

Features of Neutypchic's LED Mirror

Many people would blatantly say, “Why don’t I just get a regular mirror? Why do I need Neutypchic’s LED Mirror when a standard mirror can do the job? Before you settle for the traditional mirror, here are some of the features this LED Mirror can give you.

Defog Button

A common problem for most regular mirrors is how the surface starts to fog up in the long run. Some of the fog it causes are often irreversible and hard to clean, so you may eventually replace the mirror. What if I tell you that Neutypechic’s mirror has a defog button that automatically cleans up your mirror’s surface to prevent that from happening? How cool is it to have a mirror with these hassle-free features?

Modern Chic Design

Whether you live alone or with a partner, the mirror suits your home well. Its straightforward yet exquisite design suits any style you’d want to decorate your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even kitchen. 

Browse Through Different Styles

These LED mirrors are made of different materials, shapes, and sizes and come in as either framed or frameless. Whatever your preference is, you can browse through the various designs in their shop.

Excellent Durability

Why choose a mass-produced mirror when you can have a durable personalized mirror? Neutypechic’s LED mirrors are made of durable frames and materials such as wood and aluminum.

Change Color Temperatures

You can switch the color temperatures of your LED light from light-white light warm light to natural light with a few touches on the mirror’s button. So, if you’re taking a morning or evening mirror selfie, you can switch the light accordingly.

Touch-Screen Buttons 

A usual problem that most appliances with buttons face is a broken button. It’s worse if the button comes off as you press it. However, with the touch screen buttons that Neutypechic’s led bathroom mirror uses, it only needs a simple touch, and the light switches on easily, changes its temperature, or defogs.

Energy Efficient

You already know how LED lights are the most energy-efficient option in the market. It only consumes less energy or watt to produce the same light output as regular bulbs. Therefore, if you need some LED lights for your bathroom, you can easily have them through your mirror.

So, before we get to the main point of this article, what should we know before the LED mirror installation?

Things to Know Before Installation

You are probably excited about installing your Neutypechic mirror after reading its features. However, there are things you should know about before beginning the installation process.

Please read the installation manual.

The manual was written to give new LED mirror owners a thorough yet easy guide on installing the LED mirrors to use its function and features fully. Read and understand this guide well.

Compare the content on each package.

To ensure a smooth installation process, you must ensure that you are not missing any of the materials needed for the installation. Therefore, check the manual regarding which items you’ll be needing and your package if they are all there. 

The walls should be sturdy. 

Wooden walls are certainly sturdy. However, if you’re thinking about attaching a LED mirror, it’s not highly recommended to attach it to a wooden wall unless a cement wall behind it supports it. 


How to Install A LED Bathroom Mirror


LED Bathroom mirrors don’t have similar functions as your regular supermarket or department store mirror, in which you’ll only need a string to hang them. These LED Mirrors are heavy, so you’ll need to follow these instructions step-by-step to utilize their functions fully.

Prepare the materials.

Before mounting the LED mirror, you need to prepare all the materials required, such as a measurement tape, a wrench, a handheld driller, a metal screw, and a plastic expansion screw. However, you need to be knowledgeable about how to use these materials to do them correctly. 

Measure the distance between the two hanging clamps.

Drilling holes in your wall is irreversible. Therefore, you mustn’t commit any mistakes regarding the distance when drilling holes in your wall. Use a measuring tape and mark the spots where you’ll place your screws for the LED mirror.

Drill holes on your wall.

Once you’ve accurately marked the spots for drilling, start drilling holes on your wall. Remember that the size of the drill should be slightly smaller than the size of your plastic expansion screw.

Place the plastic expansion screw in the holes.

This step is understandable. You only need to place the plastic expansion screws inside the holes before placing your metal screws. This plastic expansion screw will expand as you lock in the metal screw for the next step. 

Put the metal screws into the plastic expansion screw.

Once you’ve secured all of your plastic expansion screws into the holes, follow it with the metal screws. You can attach it using a screwdriver or use an adjustable wrench to twist it until it’s secured and immovable. 

Hang the mirror onto the wall.

Carefully place the mirror onto the wall and ensure that the metal screws are inserted into the clamps at the mirror’s back. Make sure they are placed accurately and securely.



Q1: Can you use a string to hang the mirror?

A: Using a string to hang the mirror is not recommended. The LED mirror needs a sturdy and immovable wall to attach it.


Q2: What if I am missing an item in my order?

A: Kindly contact customer support through the email address: or give them a call at +1 (323) 412- 8766. Please remember that you can only reach them through opening hours 09:00 - 17:00 GMT.


Q3: Can I touch the defog button after using it for a long time?

A: No. Avoid touching the defog button if it’s used for a long time. Please know that the device could be too hot to handle for some clients with sensitive skin.

If you have doubts about Neutypechic’s LED mirror, you can always contact them or check their LED bathroom mirrors reviews to ensure that you are making a smart purchase.