Hanging a bathroom mirror is a project that only requires a beginner level skill set. Additionally, it requires just a short amount of time set aside for completion, usually under two hours. To hang your bathroom mirror, follow these steps

* Gather your materials

Gather your materials

Having the right materials for the job is essential when you're hanging your mirror. You want the mirror to be securely attached to the wall with no fear of it slipping off. Collect your materials before you begin work.
Drywall anchors - rated for the appropriate weight
Bathroom scale to weigh your mirror
Drill bits
Measuring tape
Stud finder
Painter's tape
Bumpers - if desired

Decide on location

You probably already know where you want to hang your mirror, but if not, you will need to decide. Typically, bathroom mirrors are hung over the bathroom vanity. If you have a single vanity with one sink, you should center your mirror over the sink. With a double vanity, your mirror can be centered between the two sinks. If possible, choose a place that has studs positioned behind your drywall. Studs can be found using a stud finder. You should also be aware of any plumbing or electrical that could be in the way when installing screws.

Find the center of your mirror

Measure the top of your mirror and find the center. You can also measure the vanity if you plan on centering your mirror. Use a pencil mark or a piece of painter's tape to mark the center.

Mark mirror position on the wall

Hold your mirror up against the wall, and maneuver it into position. You can use your center mark to help line everything up. You will want to hang your mirror at eye level. Once you have your mirror situated as you want it, use a pencil or tape to place a mark on the wall. Place your mark at the center of the top of your mirror.

Install hangers on your mirror

Your mirror may have come with hangers already in place. If this is the case, you can skip this step. If not, you will need to install your hangers using a screwdriver. Turn your mirror face down. Make each side of your mirror frame, where you will place the hangers. Use a level to ensure that your hangers are installed evenly, and secure them using a screwdriver.

Measure from hangers to top of the mirror

This step is important to make sure that your wall hooks are properly placed. Slip your mounting hooks onto the mirror hangers, and lay them flat against the mirror frame, just as if the mirror were hung on them. Measure from the screw holes on the hooks to the top of the mirror.

Transfer measurement to the wall

Now you will take that measurement and transfer it to the wall. Find the center mark on the wall that you made earlier, and measure down. Mark that spot. This will be the level at which you will install your wall hooks.

Install hooks on the wall

It's time to install the hooks on which you will hang your mirror! This involves two steps.

Hang your mirror

You've done the hard part and are at the finish line! Hook each of your hangers onto the corresponding hook, and step back to appreciate your hard work! Sometimes, mirrors can scratch the drywall underneath them. If this concerns you, you can purchase bumpers to place on the back of your mirror. These provide a barrier between the mirror and the wall, preventing scratches.