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  • Packaging preparation

    Each mirror is thoroughly checked and cleaned before dispatch

    1 Packaging preparation
  • Airbags and tapes

    The mirror is secured with the airbags which prevent it from moving inside the box. The mirror panel and its backing are additionally taped to make sure nothing gets detached in transit

    2 Airbags and tapes
  • Stretch film

    The mirror along with the airbags is then stretch wrapped for extra protection.

    3 Stretch film
  • Foam padding

    All the edges of the mirror are secured with foam padding which prevents them from breaking

    4 Foam padding
  • First cardboard box

    Next the mirror is put in the first cardboard box.

    5 First cardboard box


  • The first box corners are protected with Styrofoam

    The corners of the first cardboard box are protected with special Styrofoam profiles that protect them against accidental impact.

    1The first box corners are protected with Styrofoam
  • Second cardboard box filled with additional airbags

    2.The first box with the mirror is placed inside the other dedicated cardboard packaging. Any void space is filled with airbags.

    2Second cardboard box filled with additional airbags
  • Closing the box and stapling it

    The second box is tightly closed and sealed with large metal staples.

    3 Closing the box and stapling it
  • Properly labelled

    The outer part of the box is labelled “Fragile” and “Handle with care” stickers.

    4Properly labelled

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