A variety of images

Neutypechic provides you with a variety of images to help you to understand the product. According to the images on the item page,you can find mirror frame material, mirror size, front and back view of the mirror and the room effect with the mirror:

* The clear and magnified frame image to make you understand frame material;
* The precise digits and clear reference lines let you know the mirror size faster;
* The separated images of front and back view to let you see floor standing or hooks;
* 3-4 room effect images to help you image the effect of this mirror in your real room;


Neutypechic provides you with detailed mirror data at Dimensions part. You can easily get the specification of each mirror.

* How big or tall of the mirror?
* How weight of the mirror?
* How thick of the mirror?
* Can the mirror hang vertically or horizontally?
* Is the adapter a 2-hole plug or a 3-hole plug?



Why the price of Neutypechic mirror is changeable? Why your price is higher than other platforms? How can I enjoy the lowest price?


* The price of the mirror is changeable, because the raw material and shipping cost is always changeable;
* Although we are the same brand, we are the official website, who has the special supply channels, better quality and great customer service.
* It is suggested to register on Neutypechic to get first customer coupon. Besides, we will have season sale, clearance sale or Pre-order discounts.


Return Policy

If there is any quality problem or damage on product, you can contact us via neutypechic@gmail.com with proof picture. Once we confirm the issue, we can pay the return shipping fee and arrange a replacement or a full refund asap.


Please check out our Return Policy for details: https://www.neutypechic.com/pages/return-policy



You can check all Product Reviews and Customer Service Reviews from the home page, item page and Trustpilot.

* How to check reviews?

* How to write reviews?

When your order is delivered, you will receive the review invitation email.


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