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The floor mirror is perfect for leaning against the wall in your bedroom or living room. It will let the natural sunlight bounce around your space to make your room look bigger. But with several sizes to choose from, how can you choose a suitable mirror? Simply submit your height to get recommendations for yourself.

Frequent Questions

We're sorry not recommend you a satisfying mirror. But please don't worry. You can choose other various mirrors by click 'By Style' at the top left.
We recommend suitable mirrors according to the cumulative customer experience data. Generally, our large mirrors will reflect your full body, if your height range is between 5'3"-5"7". And our oversized mirrors will plenty show your beauty if your height range is between 5'7"- 5'10".
Of course, our mirror can be placed at any room. Besides, we recommend different mirror for different rooms. For example: LED mirror is suitable for bathrooms or living rooms; Floor mirror is suitable for bedrooms or entryways.
Yes, you can. For most floor mirrors, there are 4 holes at the back that can be used to hung horizontally or vertically.

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